In the summer of 1914, an Episcopal clergyman
from Pennsylvania came to Assonet, MA to look
into his early ancestry, believing that he was
descended from some Hathaways of Berkley, MA.
 His name was Harry St. Clair Hathaway.  While
here, he made the acquaintance of Mrs. Mary P.
(Hathaway) Herbert, who was interested in all
Hathaways, and was busy compiling a genealogy
of all those she knew or had ever heard about.

Rev. Hathaway met more relatives and found
enough interest among them to begin the society.
 The first meeting was planned for Fort Phoenix,
in August of 1915.  That year, Rev. Hathaway
returned to Assonet with his wife and three young
sons, and presided over the first meeting as
vice-president.  A president was elected, being
named, appropriately enough, Nicholas
Hathaway.  Harry St. Clair Hathaway was elected
president at the second meeting, an office which
he held for two years.  At the end of that time he
felt the office should be held by someone closer
to this area.

Benjamin F. Hathaway, of Taunton, was elected
president at the 4th meeting.  Other early
presidents were Charles W. Chace of Taunton,
Benjamin W. Hathaway of Lynn, William A.
McAuslan of Providence, R.I., William S. Hathaway
of Fall River served as president fo some 40
years, although not continuously.

Early meetings were almost always held in
southern Bristol County near Fall River or
Taunton.  After the first Hathaway book was
published in 1965, some meetings began to
move further west, following the trail of the
descendants, who had moved on from New
England.  Early meetings were usually a one day
event, being held in a popular park, lodge room,
or local church.  The churches provided the
necessary lunches, and clambakes were most
Extracted from a report in Oct. of 1966 given by
Florence E. Malone, Historian HFA)
How To Join The HFA

The Hathaway Family Association publishes a
quarterly newsletter and holds annual
meetings. The dues are $15 per year and are
payable to the Hathaway Family Association.  
Mail your check to our HFA Treasurer:

Ruth Hathaway
2231 Riverside Ave.
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