Early records of him in England spell
Hathway without the "a" between
way.  He was the progenitor of the
largest branch of the Hathaways
(Hathways, Hatheways, etc.) in
America, and was the probable son of
Thomas and Margaret Hathway of
Kingscote, Gloucestershire, England.  
He was probably born about 1595, at
perhaps what is known today as
Farm in Kingscote, England.  His death
record has never been found either in
New England or Old England, where
some descendants believe he returned.
There is proof that he arrived in New
England between 24 February
1638-1639, and lived in Braintree  
(Suffolk Deeds 1/28: 14.5)  In 1642,
adjoining lands were described as
"between the lands of Hattaways and
Daniel Lovell".  He was not on the list
of men of Plymouth Colony able to bear
arms in 1643.  He may have had
several children, including Jacob and
Joseph, but certainly had son John,
probably b. 1629 in England, and
probably d. 1705, in Taunton, MA.

The HFA is aware of a Thomas
Hathaway website, which takes the
ancestry of Nicholas back several more
generations.  Our books speculate
about such an ancestry, but to our
knowledge, there is no proof of the
previous generations.
John 2 Hathway (Nicholas1) was probably  born
 England, and died 1705, probably Taunton.  He
lived in what was called "The Farms", then part
of Taunton, now part of Berkley.  His children
were all by his first wife, probably  Martha, and
probably two more to make eight in the family.
He married (1) about 1649, Martha; she died
between 1683-1692 .  He married (2) Ruth,
widow of Christopher Dyer,  December 25, 1692
in Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA.  She died, at age
62, September 10, 1705 in Taunton, Bristol Co.,  
Descendants of John and Martha
The children of John Hathway and Martha are:
i.  John 3 , Jr., b.  16 Aug. 1650; d. June 1730,
MA.  He m. Hannah Burt, also called Anna.  She
was still alive 28 June 1705 (Taunton Deeds,
4-474); she and son Jacob mentioned in James
Burt's will (Plynouth 4-76).  He m. (2) Christian,
probably Maxfield.
ii.  Abraham 3 , b.  11 Sep., 1652;   d.  23 Aug.
1725, in Dighton, MA, buried Fox Cemetery.  He
m. Taunton, 28 Aug. 1684, widow Rebecca
Pierce (
O.C.H.S. Private Records, p. 233), dau.
Shadrach and Mary (Dean ) Wilbore.
iii.  Isaac 3 , Sr.,  born c1655 ; d. 17 Dec., 1722,
age 67: gravestone Fox Cemetery.   He m. Mary
Pitts, daughter Peter and Mary Andrews Hodges
Pitts,  March 17, 1686/7 in Taunton;  she d. 14
Nov., 1727, age 59 1/2.
iv.  Ephriam 3, b.  8 Dec. 1661 in Taunton, now
Berkley,  Bristol Co.,  MA; d. 20 Dec, 1716; m.
1690 Elizabeth Talbot, daughter Jared and
Sarah (Andrews) Talbot, b.14 Dec 1671.
v.  Abigail 3, b. 1667; d. 1690.  She m. 9 Feb.
1685/6  James Phillips, son of James Phillips,
vi.  Rebecca 3 , b. 1669; d. 31 Dec. 1742; m.
Taunton, 4 May  1687, as his second wife, Jared
Talbot, son of Jared Talbot, b. 20 Mar. 1666/7; d.
21 Jan., 1733/4.
Generation 3
Generation 2